Wednesday, August 22, 2012



by far... my favorite tanning salon ever!!!
Even if you just love a good spray tan, its seriously the place to go!!
they have 2 different locations, one in the marina and the other in west LA
i always get asked "how do you get your great tan" and i answer with Sun Studio La, The Versa Spa...
now i cant tell you all my secrets, but i can tell you that one!
and i love it!
it usually last about a week, make sure you shower, shave and exfoliate prior to going, and absolutely NO LOTIONS OR OILS 
it'll spray you with your golden versa color, and then double spray you with an excellent smelling anti aging mist...
not only do you smell good but you dry instantly! AND there is a heater in it so youre not freezing!!!
what more could you want?
well it also dries you!
so literally you step out and immediately can put your clothes back on, and its water soluble so if you forgot and you wear white, it'll wash out if any got on it:)

i dont think i need to say anymore :)
Now...GO GO GO ! :)

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