Monday, May 5, 2014


I'm just trying this tea for the first time, since everyone on social media has been raving about it!  \
I just got my first box of #tinytea and I'm on my 3rd day!
(Thank you Your Tea) for my treats
Already I feel more energized and recharged
Loving me some teatox time..... I'll add more once I get to day 14!

"An Extra Boost of......"

Who doesn't need an extra boost... of ANYTHING! At this day in age, everyone can use little something to brighten their day or give a little sunshine to someone else. Which is exactly what Michelle Genzlinger realized when she started this sweet little company called "An Extra Boost of...." ( 

“I have always felt that it’s the any day/just because gifts that are most special – and most needed” 
I  agree with her! Everyday/just because gifts are the most thoughtful! At birthdays it's to be expected, but on any given Sunday it can be the one thing that turns someones whole day around.

What I later realized, after already being in love with her idea, is that just days after Michelle started this company she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then she has engulfed herself in her mission to spread the message of hope and inspiration to everyone! 
I  wanted to share exactly how cute these little inspirational mugs are, especially with Mother's Day coming up! They're just adorable, original and they're made with love.

   Please check out her website  ( 
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