Sunday, December 2, 2012

Babes in Toyland Charity Event, Beverly Hills, 90210

                               Babes in Toyland Charity Event, December 1, 2012

This was such a great event to be a host for, Im very grateful for the opportunity!

Friday, November 23, 2012



First video I hosted is about cameos from our "favorite" sports stars and the second video is about pitch invaders. So fun hosting for them! I also did the "sock bun" which is my current obsession! Its super easy and so elegant looking too! :)


My gorgeous friend Katarina Van Derham, owner of VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE did my beautiful hair and makeup for a spread that came out this November. Im very blessed to be a part of this magazine, and I hope to continue to work along side of her in the future, she's BEYOND amazing. 



Just got these not too long ago! I wanted a boot like this for so long, and this just popped out as the perfect fit. Very comfy, You can pair them with shorts, skirts, leg warmers, literally anything and its a match :) 
you can find them at
perfect for the winter season! xo

Stuart Weitzman 'Wildchild' Boot

Stuart Weitzman 'Wildchild' Boot

This bootie is amazing! Im so in love! You can buy it at

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The photo shoot was so much fun! To celebrate with our fans, here's a sneak peek of a few of our exclusive favorites! Share these photos with your friends & check back regularly for updates on our 1st clothing line launching September 1st! — at hollywood, ca.

This was such a fun shoot I just loved it!! Makeup By Katarina Van Derham and photography By: Keith Munyan Photography

Clean Healthy Glowing Skin

Clean Healthy Glowing Skin

A few of you were wondering how I keep my skin so clear, so Im here to let you know my skincare process :)
First off you need to know what KIND of skin you have in order to take care of it properly! al
Another thing thats very important to keeping your skin clear is keeping it hydrated! 
Your body is mostly made up of water! So keep drinking your 8 glasses a day!
Along with that I recommend the best beauty bible ever called "Dont go to the cosmetics counter without me" by Paula Begoun
She's AMAZING!! You can find her book at
Inside is everything that she recommends, there's lists of all beauty items categorized with pricing and the ingredients, and if its good for you or not!!! 
Im in LOVE with it!!!

Also what you eat is important!! Sugar is NOT good for your skin at all! 
Everything you eat and drink shows up on your face:) 

Also I really do love a product (including a face wash and moisturizer) called Malibu Wellness 

Go to
Along with the BEST HAIRCARE PRODUCTS made!
My mama is a beautiful hairdresser and colorist and she is always recommending Malibu Wellness! Check it out!! :)

Photo shoot by Ruben Domingo Photography

Meet a new photographer friend of mine named Ruben Domingo! He does AMAZING work and just took my new headshots yesterday! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blake Pickett Photography

Blake Pickett Photography

Shes my favorite photographer! i just love her and she does SUCH A GOOD JOB!
we always have fun shooting!
please contact her for upcoming specials and deals



by far... my favorite tanning salon ever!!!
Even if you just love a good spray tan, its seriously the place to go!!
they have 2 different locations, one in the marina and the other in west LA
i always get asked "how do you get your great tan" and i answer with Sun Studio La, The Versa Spa...
now i cant tell you all my secrets, but i can tell you that one!
and i love it!
it usually last about a week, make sure you shower, shave and exfoliate prior to going, and absolutely NO LOTIONS OR OILS 
it'll spray you with your golden versa color, and then double spray you with an excellent smelling anti aging mist...
not only do you smell good but you dry instantly! AND there is a heater in it so youre not freezing!!!
what more could you want?
well it also dries you!
so literally you step out and immediately can put your clothes back on, and its water soluble so if you forgot and you wear white, it'll wash out if any got on it:)

i dont think i need to say anymore :)
Now...GO GO GO ! :)


hey guys! my bestie Katie is now a personal trainer! yay! and shes going to be hosting a bootcamp that Im going to be attending and I would LOVE for you all to join as well!! it starts Sept 10 (monday) till Oct 13 (friday) it is every Mon, 
Wed, and Fri 630am-730 am in Manhatten Beach ... the price is $225 or $200 if you sign up with a friend! please email me OR if you would like to attend :) 

Silvano Apparel

check out Silvano Apparel for awesome watches and sunglasses! super unique :)
it was sooo fun shooting for them and a little difficult! im so tiny that it was hard for all the fun accessories to fit me, but i made it work!

come check out this website! its a serious must!!
and as of now till Oct 31,st my friends will all receive a 20% discount on me:)
just enter the promo code LUVKRISSA

Juliana is the owner, and a dear friend of mine and shes been such a pleasure to work with and everything on the site is truly a cosmo girl must have!

check it out! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brass Monkey Swimwear


                               Im one of the models for the new 2012 line :) ENJOY

Thursday, July 12, 2012

in need of a fresh pick me up :)

   I do hair! If anyone is interested please contact me for a fresh new color or some highlights. Growing up with my mama being the BEST hair colorist EVER, I learned a few tricks here and there to take with me when I first moved to Cali so that I could save some cash and not have to go to a salon :) I always do my own hair now, and just recently today I freshened up my friend Stephanie's hue:)




Thursday, July 5, 2012

Great Photographer!

a few shots from one of my favorite photographers, Herman Jimenez, we shot this at Point Dume State Beach, and I just love them..they turned out great! Tune in for more xoxo

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vanity Room

These shots are from a recent photo shoot I did for a local boutique called Vanity Room.
They're located at 13217 Washington Blvd., LA, CA 9006
They get new items every Wednesday, and you can buy everything I'm wearing online, or in the store!
P.S they have the sweetest staff ♥ tell them I sent you! xoxo

Summer Hair Care

Summer Hair Care:

Living in California, I spend the majority of my day in the sun, which is wonderful for me but not so great for my blonde hair!
With my mama being a fabulous hair dresser, I've learned from the BEST at a young age that the products you use on your hair, determine how well your hair will withhold anything. 
I know everyone is always on a budget, which is the best, but when it comes to your hair, splurging is very important!
I recommend Redken after sun mask, you can put on like conditioner, I usually will keep it on while shaving then rinse, it doesn't need to stay on too long. But it will keep your hair happy. Use maybe 2 times a week.
I also recommend Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy. Actually K-Pak anything! I use this protective sun mask everyday when my hair is wet before I blow dry it. Just a little goes a long way :) 
I will also be updating this blog with a few more hair care products that are verrrry necessary for happy healthy hair :) xoxo

LORAC: TANtalizer

Who doesn't love a glowing summer tan? With Lorac: TANtalizer, you can literally have one all year round! No need to wait for summer!
When needing to be tan constantly for shoots, I've gone through so many tanners, but this one has stood out as my absolute fave! 
No need to worry it wont stain your hands! It washes off with water :) AND.... it has a wonderful cocoa smell :) What's not to love!? 
You can find this product at Sephora it's around 32$