Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clean Healthy Glowing Skin

Clean Healthy Glowing Skin

A few of you were wondering how I keep my skin so clear, so Im here to let you know my skincare process :)
First off you need to know what KIND of skin you have in order to take care of it properly! al
Another thing thats very important to keeping your skin clear is keeping it hydrated! 
Your body is mostly made up of water! So keep drinking your 8 glasses a day!
Along with that I recommend the best beauty bible ever called "Dont go to the cosmetics counter without me" by Paula Begoun
She's AMAZING!! You can find her book at
Inside is everything that she recommends, there's lists of all beauty items categorized with pricing and the ingredients, and if its good for you or not!!! 
Im in LOVE with it!!!

Also what you eat is important!! Sugar is NOT good for your skin at all! 
Everything you eat and drink shows up on your face:) 

Also I really do love a product (including a face wash and moisturizer) called Malibu Wellness 

Go to
Along with the BEST HAIRCARE PRODUCTS made!
My mama is a beautiful hairdresser and colorist and she is always recommending Malibu Wellness! Check it out!! :)

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