Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Hair Care

Summer Hair Care:

Living in California, I spend the majority of my day in the sun, which is wonderful for me but not so great for my blonde hair!
With my mama being a fabulous hair dresser, I've learned from the BEST at a young age that the products you use on your hair, determine how well your hair will withhold anything. 
I know everyone is always on a budget, which is the best, but when it comes to your hair, splurging is very important!
I recommend Redken after sun mask, you can put on like conditioner, I usually will keep it on while shaving then rinse, it doesn't need to stay on too long. But it will keep your hair happy. Use maybe 2 times a week.
I also recommend Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy. Actually K-Pak anything! I use this protective sun mask everyday when my hair is wet before I blow dry it. Just a little goes a long way :) 
I will also be updating this blog with a few more hair care products that are verrrry necessary for happy healthy hair :) xoxo


  1. THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!!

  2. I am def gonna buy some of this stuff! Xoxo